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Find a wide range of top new in-the-box appliances at low prices.

Save big when you buy showroom models and returns that are slightly scratched, dented, blemished, or scuffed. These items have been tested and are in perfect working order.

These items have not met our criteria for retail sales. They are heavily discounted and sold As-Is with no guarantee. Items will be labeled with all available information.

What We Offer

At our core Stockyard Outlet is a liquidation wholesaler Which means our primary focus is being a service provider and supplier to professional resellers. Whether this is your full-time job or a side gig to make extra cash we want to partner with you. With decades of liquidation experience, our doors and ears are always open. We want to know how we can better meet your needs. After all, if you’re not making a profit we aren’t going to be successful. We work hard to source the best loads available in order to ensure your success. Although we do retail some items, we DO NOT EVER cherry-pick pallets. In fact, resellers are welcome to come purchase pallets right as we unload them from the truck. Follow us on social media to keep up to date on our delivery schedule.

In addition to wholesale, we do offer small lots and individual sales of large appliances, electronics, lawn and garden, furniture, and other similar items. These products are purchased specifically for retail sales. We qualify these products by the conditions listed below.

I love stopping in at Stockyard, you never know what you are going to find. I have bought so many small kitchen appliances for half the price! Blender, air-fryer, and coffee maker!


Cleveland, Ohio

Buying Pallets from Stockyard has helped my family make some extra money on the side. Great products I can buy cheap and sell online. Extra money without going out to get another job!


Akron, Ohio

I love buying pallets from Stockyard. Great selection from Amazon and Walmart. Haven’t been disappointed yet in a pallet! Great way to make extra money!

Dreden Canton


Stockyard Outlets is great to work with. Great communication and great customer service. It’s great to find a reputable company I can work with to buy pallets from.


Uniontown, Ohio

Featured Products

Here are just a few of the amazing one-of-a-kind deals we currently have on offer.

Amazon Jumbo Pallets

$350 - $850

Insignia 115 bottle


WLMT Pallets

$350 - $500